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Welcome to Simple Chrono project page

Simple Chrono is a stopwatch programmed in VB .NET. It is aimed at being as simple and user-freindly as a real stopwatch. It is also avalaible for linux users, thanks to Mono. 25 Jul 2011
Changes: This version mainly improves linux integration. But the windows version also got some code improvements. 25 Jul 2011
Changes: A big effort has been made to clean up the code. The aboutbox has been edited and now points to the official website. BUt the main effort resids on the linux version. The project eventually compiles and runs on a linux system ! The linux version benefits from a totally re-built interface. As the graphical result is not really what I expected, I'm seriously thinking about a GTK# version ... To be continued. 22 Jul 2011
Changes: An edit menu was added. Control of the list box has been improved, and you can now undo changes. One bug has also been fixed. 21 Jul 2011
Changes: Improved support language (using Settings instead of an ini file). The application has a new design: you can now delete times from the list. The "About" dialog has also been redesigned. 20 Jul 2011
Changes: This release adds a status strip to notify new events. 19 Jul 2011
Changes: Language support was improved. Simple Chrono is now available in French and in English. You can save your preference for the language.